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How do I set up my emails in Outlook?

To configure an IMAP account on Outlook.

- Add account
- Select 'Manually configure server settings'
- Select 'Internet email'
- Enter your user information: your name +
- Select IMAP
- Enter for both incoming and outgoing mail server.

!! If you want to enable SSL then you will need to use your 'Incoming Mail Server: (SSL)' and your 'Outgoing Mail Server: SSL' (e.g. instead of You can find the correct server to use in your cPanel hosting confirmation email.

- For log on information, enter and your password for that specific email address
- Select 'More Settings' and under 'Outgoing mail server', select 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication' - Use same settings as incoming mail server

!! If you want to enable SSL then you will also need to go to 'More Settings' --> 'Advanced' - and next to 'use the following type of encrypted connection' select 'SSL'

Proceed to test account and finish.