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How do I change my name servers?

To delegate a domain to different name servers please follow these steps:

- Log in to your account
- Go to "My Domains"
- Click on the domain name you wish to modify
- By default you will be in the 'Summary' area of the domain info; select the 'DNS Settings' tab
- Once in the 'DNS Settings' area for the domain select 'Delegate to Your Name Servers'
- Enter the new nameservers (be sure to 'Add' after entering the first two name servers and for each additional name server you enter if you have more than two).
- Select the 'Delegate to Your Name Servers' option
- You will see an on-screen confirmation that the DNS has been updated successfully


N.B. some ccTLD modification will attract a Registry Modification Charge and may be required to undergo a Configuration Test. If your DNS are not configured to registry specifications, your domain will not be delegated.

**Please note that the name servers you use must contain the zone records relevant for all services hosted at your domain - website, email and otherwise. Delegating to name servers that do not contain all necessary records will therefore result in downtime for one or more of the services at your domain. If you are integrating services from one or more hosting providers please bear this in mind.

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