How to add and edit my Database on cPanel?

To use these instructions please access your cPanel account. If you aren't sure how to do this, use this Guide here


Where do I add new Databases or add Users to them?

The MySQL® Databases Tool under the Databases Area has 3 sections.

1. Create New Databases, 2. Create New Users, and 3. Add User To Database and Current Users


A) Clicking on the Create Database button will create the database with the above added name. The prefix can not be adjusted.

B) Clicking This button will run a Check on your database. You will be provided with a report after.

C) The System will attempt to repair your Database and provide you with a report of any changes that were attempted to repair the database.

D) Using the Rename option enables you to Rename a current Database and Delete will permantly Remove it


2. This section enables you to add a new user for your databases.


3. Adding Users to Databases, will enable the username and password to be used to access specific databases within your code. A prompt on what Privileges the user has, is given once the Add button is clicked.
Adjusting the password, username or the option to removing the user permantly is provided under the Current Users area


For more information on where to edit your Databases content click here

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