.au direct priority application renewal

Contested .au direct domain names

If the .au direct domain name subject to your priority application has more than one active priority application, this remains on priority hold under the Priority Allocation Process. This is referred to as a contested .au direct domain name.


Do I need to renew my .au direct priority application?

For all applications held with us as at 20/07/2023:

As a gesture of our appreciation, and for this year only, we are pleased to announce that the priority hold renewal fee will be completely waived. Rest assured; your priority hold application will automatically renew on 20th of September 2023 at no charge to you.


If you would like to remain in contention to register the .au direct exact match of your existing .au direct domain name, you must maintain an active priority application.

Priority applications renew on 20 September (UTC) each year. Renewing your application annually is required to indicate your continued interest in the contested .au direct domain name.

When there is only one active priority application, the .au direct domain name will be allocated to the single applicant.


Declining your .au direct priority application

In case you decide not to proceed with the renewal of your priority hold application, let us know or visit https://priority.auda.org.au to decline your application. NB, once declined, this can not be reinstated.


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