How do I Trade or Update my domain contacts?

You can check and change the registrant contact profile for any given domain by following the instructions below:

- Log in to your user account.
- If a new contact profile is needed, expand the sub-section titled "Account Details" in the left-hand menu select the option 'Account Contacts'
- Click the 'Create New Contacts' button. Enter the details as necessary and 'Create'
- Once you have created the new profile, go to 'My Domains' (under the 'Domains' sub-section) and click on the domain name you wish to modify.
- By default you will be in the 'Summary' area of the domain info; select the 'Contact Information' tab to go to this area
- For the REGISTRANT contact: first click 'Change' next to the existing registrant; in the pop-up window you will be able to select the new registrant contact from the drop-down menu. Click 'Save Changes'.

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