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Mailbox Storage

Business Mail provides storage for a mailbox based on the plan selected for the domain. To know more about mailbox storage space, please check the below:

  1. Check Mailbox storage space
  2. Mailbox exceeds storage space
  3. Increase Mailbox storage space

Check Mailbox storage space

  • Navigate to the Settings icon and open up Preferences
  • In the Account tab, you can check the Storage space used at the bottom

Mailbox exceeds storage space

If your mailbox exceeds the storage space/quota then your mailbox would not be able to send or receive any emails. It is recommended to follow the solutions mentioned below to ensure your email services do not suffer.

Increase Mailbox storage space

In order to ensure that email services continue to work smoothly should your mailbox exceed the storage space/quota, you can follow any of the below solutions:

  1. Upgrade your plan on Business Mail to have more storage space available. This can be done via Admin Control Panel, please request your Admin to proceed with the Business Mail plan upgrade
  2. Delete emails from your mailbox to free up storage space. This would ensure that you have more storage space available for incoming/outgoing emails to be stored

Feel free to reach out to our support team at for any concerns or queries regarding the above!

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