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How to restore backup(.PST file) via Outlook Email Client

Wish to restore the backup of your emails on your account? We are here to help you with the solution for it!

Business Mail does support the transfer of Emails from any IMAP supported Email provider directly from its Email Control. You may refer to this article for the same

However, if you wish to manually import the emails either because your provider doesn't support IMAP protocol or you have an old backup(.PST) to be imported on your Business Mail account then you can go ahead and follow the below steps : 

In case you are looking to take a backup of your email account, you may refer to this article

  • Configure your Business Mail Account via IMAP on your Outlook Client. Here's an article for quick reference.

  • On you have configured, click on the File button --> Open & Export
  • Next, Click on Open Outlook Data File
  • Next, navigate to the folder where your backup-file(.PST) file is stored and click on it --> Open
  • This will open the backup file in the Outlook client (Enter the password of backup, in case you have set the same while taking a backup)
  • You can now Right-Click on the respective folder which is available in the backup and then Click on Move Folder
  • Now, select your email account root folder to transfer the backup folder and click on Ok
  • Once done, your folder will show up under the Email Account area, if you wish you can now move the emails from the folder you just transferred to any of the existing folders of your email account.
  • Click on the Folder, it will show all the emails it has, you can now press Ctrl + A to select all the emails and then Right-Click on the email to move them all to the desired folder under your Email Account.


  • You can now click on the 'Sync icon' at the Top-Left of the screen to sync all the emails with the Email Server.

    That's it, your backup is now restored and synced with the Business Mail Account! Feel free to write to us at for any assistance with the above. 
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