OnlyDomains Refund Policy

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It is your responsibility to ensure the appropriateness and compatibility of the products and/or services you are ordering. We do not accept responsibility for any errors in your application


Conditions for Refunds

Refund Conditions for Domain Names

As a globally accredited registrar, we facilitate domain name registrations directly through various up-line providers worldwide. Each domain name extension has its own set of policies, rules, and procedures. Consequently, it may sometimes be possible to cancel an order without financial penalty if the fulfilled order can be cancelled and the up-line provider provides OnlyDomains with a refund.

If you wish to cancel a domain registration that has just been created, due to strict time frames, please contact us via email at and immediately reach out to our live chat team to escalate your ticket.

Refund requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. It is crucial that you contact us as soon as possible after the registration or renewal of a domain has been processed should you wish to cancel the order. Generally, there is only a very short timeframe of a few days after the domain has been created or renewed, during which we may be able to cancel and receive a refund from the up-line provider. Some up-line providers do not support a refund once the order is completed, therefore there are instances where refund requests cannot be supported.

Domains set to auto-renew will be processed 14 days before the renewal expiry date. We send out several emails before the auto-renewal is processed to ensure customers have ample time to adjust their settings if they prefer not to renew the domain. OnlyDomains bears no responsibility if customers fail to manage their auto-renew settings. Once a domain has been auto-renewed, we cannot support refund requests unless the registry permits the cancellation and provides a refund back to OnlyDomains. Requests to cancel and refund a domain that has been auto-renewed will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. A refund, minus our costs, may be granted if the registry allows refunds for the domain renewal. If your refund is granted, you may be required to return signed documents to us upon our request.


Ordering of Reserved/Registered Domain name

It is possible that our domain name search feature may indicate that some types of domain names may be available for registration. While the search results are generally very accurate (and most likely technically accurate), policies and procedures may prevent us from processing and fulfilling such orders. A refund will be provided where we have not been able to fulfil the domain order in these instances.


Billing Irregularity

If it is found that Only Domains is the cause of a billing irregularity where you have been overcharged, and Only Domains confirms the billing irregularity, you may be entitled to a credit or refund, however certain exclusions still apply. Please see the Billing Irregularity Exclusions section for more information.


Cancellation of After Market (Marketplace) Domain Name Order

Our After Market domain name search integrates with various up line providers. While the prices may be complete and accurate at the time of search, the seller may change the selling conditions in relation to the advertised price. If for any reason we cannot fulfil the order at the advertised price, an unconditional full refund will be provided. It should also be noted that the After Market purchase service is NOT REFUNDABLE if we are successful in obtaining the Premium After Market domain name on your behalf.


Refund Conditions for Web and Email Hosting

The conditions for when we may apply a refund for Web Hosting or Email Hosting orders are outlined below:


Correction to Bundled Domain Name linked to a Web Hosting Service

For some domain name extensions, it may be possible to cancel a new domain name registration by deleting the domain name within the registry add grace period. In these circumstances, if you request that we cancel a bundled domain name and web or email hosting service within 72 hours of placing the order on our web site, we will be able to provide a refund for the hosting component of this order. Please refer to the section Refund Conditions for Domain Names for further information.


Cancelling of existing web hosting or email hosting service

It is possible to cancel an existing web hosting or email hosting service at any time. Depending on the licensing term of the hosting service ordered, a pro-rata refund may apply with this type of cancellation request. Please email for webhosting refund requests.


Billing Irregularity Exclusions

Credit card fees, PayPal fees, and foreign currency fees charged by your bank when making a payment to OnlyDomains are non-refundable. Please check your bank policy regarding the fees they charge.


New Domain Name Launches

Only Domains may from time to time participate with new domain launches. As a registrar that participates in these new launches, we may charge additional fees. These fees relate to additional charges that the Registry or up line provider charge us for participating in the new domain name launches.

New domain name launches are usually staged across several application periods which may include a Sunrise Periods, a Landrush Period, and in some circumstances a Premium Names period.

Depending on the rules governing the launch of the new domain name, additional fees may apply which can include:

  • A Sunrise Application Fee
  • A Landrush Application Fee
  • A Premium name Application fee
  • A Domain Name Auction Fee


During new Domain Name launches, it is often possible for multiple applicants to apply for the same domain name during the Sunrise period, Landrush period, or Premium domain name periods - and such fees usually provide you with the rights to apply for this domain name jointly with other applicants. Such fees are generally charged by the up line provider, and we in turn pass these costs onto you.

In the event that we successfully submit your application to the registry or upline provider, and we receive confirmation that your application has been confirmed, your application fee cannot be refunded.

During these special application periods, we may also charge a domain name registration fee too. This fee is charged as a separate billing item, however if you are not successful in obtaining your domain name during these specific periods, the registration fee will be allocated as a credit, which you may use to register another domain name.


Store Credit Terms

We offer store credit, for instances where the customer has been granted a refund, but they would prefer the funds to be added as a store credit. Store credit can be utilised to purchase another product and/or service from our website.

You should be aware that unused store credit will be forfeited 730 days (or 2 years) from the date that the store credit is added to your account.

Should you wish to have the store credit returned as a monetary unit to your Credit Card or PayPal account, OnlyDomains may charge an admin fee.


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