How to transfer a .AU domain?

To transfer for a .AU domain to your OnlyDomains account, follow the below steps. These steps are applicable to all 3rd level .au (like,, domains too

Before starting this process, please ensure you have the Authorization code and access to the current registrant email address. The Authorization code can be retrieved from your current registrar or directly via the registry.

1. You can initiate a transfer from our transfer page or after you login to your OnlyDomains account.

2. Once you are logged in, on the left hand side click on Domains > Transfer Domains 

Transfer au domains

3. Submit the domain and Authorization code into its required fields and proceed via the TRANSFER DOMAINS button

Auth Code

4. If Authorization code is correct, continue with the TRANSFER button

5. You should now be on the Review Page. Check the following options to ensure your domain is transferred in as intended

Review options

i) Review Registrant Information: By default all domains are assigned to the default User Contact, use this option to assign a new Contact to your domain

ii) Configure DNS Settings: To ensure that any active services aren't disrupted after the transfer you can adjust the DNS settings here.

DNS Settings

Fastest checkout: Your domain will be delegated to our default settings after the transfer is completed.

Domain Redirection: Your domain will be set to use our free HTTP redirection server.  More Info

Domain Delegation: Submit the Name severs that the domain will be assigned after completion.

Custom DNS Zone File: Submit the Web and Email records that will be assigned after completion.
If other records need to be added, contact us via our live chat or email, and we will ensure they are set up for you


iii) Some Extensions require further information to be provided, like .COM.AU Business information or .ORG.AU Organization Info. As part of this your ABN, ACN or relevant alternative will be requested.
These details will not be updated or submitted to the registry as part of the transfer request, but are here to ensure that your domain details in our system are up to date. If these details need to be updated after the transfer please find more information here


6. After updating the domain details continue to the payment page, and confirm that you have read our terms and conditions.

Once done the Registrant's email address will get a transfer approval email.
.AU transfers normally take around 2 days to complete after the Registrant approves the transfer. Please check the registrant email account to ensure that this email is received and acted on.




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