What is the priority process for existing 3rd level .au domain owners?

All domains that match an already registered domain in 3rd level .au will be assigned a priority

  • Priority Category 1: 3rd Level domains registered on or before the 4th Feb 2018 
  • Priority Category 2: Domains registered after 4th Feb 2018 fall in this category

Tip: You can check the priority of your existing 3rd level domain here

Priority 1 applications will get preference over Priority 2 applications.

Where there are multiple Priority 1 applications, the applicants will have to come to an agreement over who finally owns the domain. We are still awaiting information from the registry on how the applicants can withdraw their application. 

Where there are multiple Priority 2 applications, the domain name will be allocated to the applicant with the earliest creation date of the matching 3rd level domain name.

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