How do I renew my SSL certificate?

Due to the nature of SSL certificates, existing certificates cannot be extended and a new certificate must be applied for, issued and installed before the current certificate expires.

To allow time for the generation of the new Certificate Signing Request (CSR), the Domain Control Validation process, and installation of the new certificate we recommend undertaking the below process several weeks out from the expiry of the current SSL certificate.

Please find instructions below on how to have your new certificate issued:

1) In the same server that currently has the SSL certificate installed, generate a new CSR for the domain name host you have signed (as specified in the Common Name field of the CSR). Please find the instructions here to generate a CSR text
2) Log in to your OnlyDomains user account
3) From the 'Purchase SSL Certificates' area place an order for the new certificate and include the new CSR (click 'Add more options' to be able to add the CSR to your order).
4) The Domain Control Validation process will then take place once again via email.
5) The new certificate will be issued to you and can be installed in the server.

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