Unlimited Hosting Package(s) and upgrade details

If you already host your domains at OnlyDomains and are interested in our newly launched Unlimited Hosting Packages launched on 8th Sept, here are some FAQs to help you.
Our old packages were called Economy, Premium, Business, First Class Hosting and our new ones are called Kiwi, Kea, Kakapo (named after some remarkable flightless birds in New Zealand)

  • How do I move to a new package?

    You can do this directly from your OnlyDomains customer account. Login to your account and go to Hosting >> My Hosting on the navigation bar on the left.

    You'll then see the list of your hosting orders with an UPGRADE button next to it. Just click on it and select the new plan you want to upgrade to.

    As of Nov, 2021, upgrades are FREE for your current plan duration and will renew at the new plan prices.

  • Can I move whenever I like?
    Yes, you can upgrade whenever you'd like to.
  • Does it cost anything to move to the new packages?
    No, all upgrades are free of cost for the remaining duration of your package eg: if you request an upgrade in October 2021 and your hosting order expires in July 2022, you will not be charged any extra fees for this. We appreciate your loyalty and would like you to enjoy our product upgrades. 

    When renewing the package in July 2022, the updated price mentioned on https://www.onlydomains.com/hosting will be applicable.
  • If I move to a new package, how much more do I pay at renewal?
    We have tried to harmonize our prices as prices as much as possible while improving our offering. It's hard to calculate the difference but here is a pricing overview of our old and new hosting plans to help you do the math. All prices are in USD

    Old Plans:

    - Economy (aka WordPress Beginner) - $3.49/mo
    - Premium - $4.99/mo 
    - Business (aka WordPress Professional) - $9.99/mo
    - First Class (aka Wordress VIP) - $18.99/mo

    New Plans

    - Kiwi - $4.99/mo
    - Kea - $9.99/mo
    - Kakapo - $17.99/mo

  • Will an upgrade affect my site and emails?
    No, it won't.

  • Can I continue to access and manage my hosting the same way after the upgrad? 
    Yes, you can continue to access your hosting in the exact same way.

  • Do any of my passwords or settings change?
    None of your current passwords or settings will change.

  • Are any features removed on the new packages?
    None of the features have been removed. However, depending on the old & new plan there may be a few differences or restrictions on some features like the number of add-on domains supported.
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