How do I enable / disable 'auto-renew' on my domains?

All changes to auto-renew settings must be made online from your account with us, and no later than 14 days from the expiry date of the domain. Any change to auto-renew status made within 14 days of expiry will not be applied in the current term.

To change auto-renew settings for a domain:

  • Log in to your user account dashboard
  • Go to 'Domains' --> 'My Domains'
  • Click the domain name you wish to modify
  • Next to the 'Auto-Renew' status you can toggle the option ('On' to 'Off', or 'Off' to 'On')


To  'Account Details' - 'Update Payment Details' area you will be able to manage the stored details that will be used for all auto-renewals. If you have auto-renew enabled, please ensure these details are up-to-date to avoid delays with the auto-renewal of your domain.

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