What happens after I have completed the .au direct registration process as an individual?

On successful payment, the following process takes place:

  1. Your Australian presence is verified.
  2. Your ID and date of birth are verified against the recorded data in the Australian Government database.
  3. Your address is verified against a third-party database.


    • Validation of identity and Australian presence is a mandate by the auDA registry for allocating .au direct domain names to all individuals. If you aren’t a pre-validated registrant, then you must agree to this process and pay the non-refundable fee.

    • If the domain you have selected is on priority hold, and cannot be registered to you even after the priority allocation period ends, the identity validation fee will not be refunded. We highly recommend checking the priority status tool before registering a domain.

 4. You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully cleared the validation process.

      Note: You may want to hold on to that email as it gives you the right to register, renew or transact  on an unlimited number of .au domains for a period of six months on the contact registered  with us. After this period, you would need to verify your details with us again as per auDA guidelines.


5. After your domain is successfully registered, you will receive another email from us confirming the domain purchase.


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