How do I create additional FTP Accounts?

To create new / additional FTP accounts; first log into your user account with us and then:

- Click on 'Hosting' then 'My hosting' located on the left hand side of the page;
- 'My Hosting' lists all hosting accounts you have with us;
- To the right of the desired account you wish to log into is the 'Login' section, it looks like a small person;
- Click on the icon to log into your hosting account.

A new tab will open in your browser and you will be logged into your cPanel hosting account.

Once you are the in cPanel hosting account, look for the tool 'FTP Accounts' and create the user from this page. Please note that if the user you are creating is required to have access to some specific folder / path only then please ensure to add the desired path next to 'Directory' while creating this user.

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