How to order a Backup Restore

If you are unable to restore from your local backups (e.g. those you have made utilizing the Backup/Backup Wizard and Email Archiving tools available in your cPanel) or the available option via the JetBackup tool on your cPanel, then we do offer the possibility of a manual Restore Backup by our administrators as an additional paid service.

1. Log into your user account with us;
2. Click on 'Hosting' >  'My Hosting'
3. Click on the domain you wish to request a backup for
4. On the Hosting details page select the RESTORE BACKUP option and set the date you want your hosting restored to (this has to be within the last 30 days)

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to submit the order and make payment

* Please note we cannot guarantee availability of a given day's backups; we will contact with available options if the backup on the request date has any issues.
** Please note that manual backup restores require processing time from our administration team and therefore incur a fee.

It is essential that you select a date at which the problem you are having now was not present. Your hosting will be restored to its previous state, i.e. put back to the way it was. Content and settings will not be modified, troubleshot, debugged or fixed in any other way.  If content was not present on the server at the time our backup was made on the given date, it will not be restored in this process.

As such there is no guarantee that a Restore Backup will solve any given issue you are having. We ask that you take this into account before placing a Restore Backup order.


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