Why are my emails not working?

There are any number of different causes for email issues.


Are you having issues with both incoming and outgoing mail and for ALL users at the domain?

- If you are having issues with both incoming and outgoing email, or with services other than email as well, then these are likely caused by a larger issue in the domain registration or DNS for the domain. Please check all the possible causes at our Why is my domain not working? FAQ entry.

- If you have checked that your domain and hosting are renewed and that the DNS for your domain is correct and is functioning correctly then if you have your email services with us please check the following possible causes of email issues. If you have your email services through another provider it will be necessary to contact them for assistance.

1) Are you able to reach and log-in to your cPanel? Your email troubles might be due to a block of your public IP in the server hosting your domain - temporary and then permanent blocks are put in place due to multiple incorrect log-in attempts, or large-scale connection attempts, during a short period of time. Blocks are incurred for specific local IPs, so connecting from a different location should not give you the same error. Please check our Is my local IP blocked? FAQ entry.

2) Are you able to access and send/receive from your Webmail? If you can get to your Webmail login page but can't log in then this means you might have the incorrect password for your email address. You will need to reset your email address password from the 'Email Accounts' tool in your cPanel. If you can't reach your Webmail login page then please check our Is my local IP blocked? FAQ entry.

3) If you are synchronizing emails with a local email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail are your settings correct? We send out your mail server details in your cPanel hosting confirmation email and these are the same across all email client programs. Please locate this hosting confirmation email and check the settings you have in your email client. This same information can also be found via your cPanel under Email Accounts > Connect Devices (on the right of the email account)
There are a number of little changes you can make if you are having issues:

- Make sure you have authentication turned on for both your incoming and outgoing mail servers: authentication is by username and password and these are simply your email address and your email address password.

- Check your mail server host: ensure that your Incoming and Outgoing mail server matches the mail servers mentioned in the confirmation email (eg. mail.example.com)

- Check the ports you are using for incoming and outgoing mail: Each email protocol has a default port (or default ports) but some ISPs or carriers block certain ports and you might need to adjust ports, particularly if travelling. Default ports and alternate ports to try are:


IMAP (SSL): 993


POP (SSL): 995


SMTP (SSL): 465 (alternately try port 587)

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