How do I add new Zone Records?

If you are planning to use another name server provider, have a look at our How do I change my Name Servers? FAQ.

To add a zone record (aka. DNS forwarding) via your portal, use the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Domains - My Domains
  3. CLICK on the domain name you wish to modify (not the tickbox next to it)
  4. By default you will be in the 'Summary' area of the domain info; SELECT the 'DNS Settings' tab to go to this area
  5. SELECT the 'Use Only Domains Name Servers' option and CLICK 'Edit Zone Records'
  6. If the 'Edit Zone Records' option is not visible you will need to SELECT the 'Switch to these Name Servers' option first (!! please be sure you want to switch to our name servers before doing so)
  7. Edit or Add records as necessary


  • The parent domain does not need to be explicitly referenced in the 'Host' field; records for the bare domain should use the '@' host, for subdomain records only the subdomain should be entered (e.g. 'www')
  • The 'www' and '@' hosts have separate DNS entries, if you wish for your website to display at both these hosts you need to update both records (e.g. update the A record entries with the same IP address)
  • If a CNAME record is entered for any host, no other records should be present for that host - i.e. never add a CNAME for the '@' host, always resolve this host via A record to an IP; '@' host CNAMES will break your zone
  • MX priorities must be greater than 0 and are relative, not absolute, with the lowest-numbered records being most preferred
  • SPF records should be added as 'Type' TXT as 'Type' SPF is now deprecated
  • SRV records have a particular format; please see How do I add an SRV record?


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