How do I setup web redirection?

The Domain has Hosting with us:
If you have hosting for your domain with us, we suggest to use the cPanel redirection tool.

a) Login to your account
b) Select 'Hosting' on the left hand side
c) Select 'My Hosting'
d) On the right of the domain name under 'Login', click on the icon of the little man. This will take you to your cPanel.

e) Select the Redirects tool under Domains

f) Submit the redirection for the domain and subdomain as required

Please advise if you run into any issues creating this.

The Domain doesn't have Hosting with us:
If you do not have hosting with us, you can still set up a free HTTP redirection as follows:

- Log in to your account
- Click on 'Domains' -> 'My Domains'
- Click the domain name you wish to redirect
- By default you will be in the 'Summary' area of the domain info; select the 'DNS Settings' tab to go to this area
- Select the 'Setup/Edit Web Redirection' option
- Enter the destination URL in the 'Redirect to:' box
- Select the Redirection Type (301 - Permanent, 302 - Temporary or MASKED**; some information on the differences between these will be provided on-screen for you).
- 'Save Redirection'
- You will see an on-screen confirmation that the Web Redirection has been saved successfully

Please note that only domains using our default name servers will have access to this service.

Please note also that the name servers you use must contain the zone records relevant for all services hosted at your domain - website, email and otherwise. Delegating to name servers that do not contain all necessary records will therefore result in downtime for one or more of the services at your domain. If you are integrating services from one or more hosting providers please bear this in mind before delegating back to our default name servers.

**Masked Redirection will not work if the web server at the destination URL has the X-Frame-Options header set to SAMEORIGIN

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