How do I set up my emails in Thunderbird?

Prior to setting up your emails on your device, we suggest that you access the webmail option to confirm that you have the correct Password and Email Address created, as well as to check possible connection issues to the server. If you encounter any issues connecting, please join us on our live chat

The following instructions are used to configure an IMAP account on Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

1) Create a new account:
  - Email

2) A pop-up window appears - Select 'Skip this and use my existing email' then enter:
- Your name
- Email address e.g
- Password ( The password setup for this email address )

3) 'Continue'

4) On the next screen, select 'Manual Config'

Incoming = IMAP   Server Hostname =    Port = 143   SSL = NONE    Authentication = 'Normal password'

Outgoing = SMTP   Server Hostname =    Port = 25 or 587   SSL = NONE    Authentication = 'Normal password'


IMPORTANT: correct the username at the bottom; Username = full email address e.g

5) Select 'Done' - you may see a warning message about encryption settings, however you can proceed anyway without error.

Please be advised, the default frequency of which Thunderbird checks for new mail is once every 10 minutes - this could be lowered to around 5 minutes if you are experiencing delays in receiving incoming messages to the Thunderbird client.

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