Can I appeal against the decision of the auDA to cancel my domain registration licence?

Yes, you can.

The domain complaint resolution process at auDA is as follows:

  1. On receiving a complaint against a domain registered to you, auDA will forward the complaint to us, your registrar.
  2. We will forward the email to you and request your response within a specified timeframe.
  3. Based on your response, auDA will either accept your request to retain the domain, request for more information, or decline your request.
  4. If your request has been declined by auDA, they will then ask us to set your domain for deletion.
  5. As long as your domain has not been cancelled by auDA in the public interest as recommended by a governing body in Australia, you can appeal for a review of the decision within 48 hours of receiving the communication from auDA through us. For all other cancellation cases, you have 28 days from receiving the communication to file your application for a review.
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