How do I install WordPress?

How to Install Wordpress on your domain in 3 minutes?

After you’ve registered your domain, you can setup Wordpress and start building your site in less than 3 minutes. The process differs depending on if you already have hosting for the domain or not. Click on what applies to you to view the detailed steps


  • I only have a Domain Name


To set up Wordpress on a domain name, your domain needs to have a hosting package. Here is a step by step guide to help you set-up hosting + Wordpress on your domain:

1) Log into your OnlyDomains Account

2) Click on 'Hosting' (on the left panel) and then on 'Setup Webhosting'

3) On this page, select the domain you would like to install Wordpress on.

4) You can now select the duration of the hosting package. and set up your hosting password. (This is used for your cPanel). Click on 'Continue' to proceed further

5) Submit your payment details and complete your order. Once you see the order confirmation page, you are ready to start installing Wordpress. Continue reading


  • I already have a Hosting Package with OnlyDomains


If you already have an active hosting account and want to install Wordpress, you can simply follow the below steps:

1) Log into your OnlyDomains Account

2) Click on 'Hosting' (on the left panel) and then on 'My Hosting'

3) Once the page loads, click on ‘Login’ on the right-hand side of the page to access your cPanel. Next to the little stickman icon

4) Once the page loads, scroll down until you see the Wordpress icon under ‘Scripts’. Clicking on this icon will take you to the Apps installer

5) On the next page, click on ‘Install Now’. You will be greeted with a short setup after which you can install your new instance of Wordpress


Some important notes for the mentioned setup:

5.A) Make sure to remove the ‘wp’ directory from the ‘Choose Installation URL’ field

5.B) Change the Admin Password to something really complex and secure


For your convenience and added security, we recommend that you check the ‘Auto Upgrade Wordpress Plugins’ and ‘Auto Upgrade Wordpress Themes’ boxesunder the Advanced Options. This will ensure that Wordpress keeps important files up to date so that you don’t have to worry about them

6) You can access your Wordpress Dashboard from https://www.<>/wp-admin. Replace with the domain you installed Wordpress on :)

Viola and you are ready to start customizing your brand new Wordpress website!

7) Log into your Wordpress Dashboard and start building. You can have a look at Wordpress’ customization links to help get started:


We’d love to see what you build, tag us @onlydomains on Twitter. We’d love to see your shiny new website & share it with the world!

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