How to Change Your WordPress Password

Below you will find 3 options to update your Worpress password


1. Via the WordPress Login Page

The First option we would suggest is to use to reset your password is the admin login page

1. Visit your Admin WordPress login page at [domain].[name]/wp-admin

2. Select "Lost your password?"

3. On the new page, please provide your username or email address. A password reset email will be sent out to the assigned email account.

With the new password you will be able to access your account via [domain].[name]/wp-admin again

2. Via the WordPress Dashboard

If you have access to your wordpress admin area, but want to set a new password for a user

1. Access your WordPress account.

2. Under Users select All Users.

3. Hover over the user and click Edit.


4. On the new page, the Set New Password option can be found at the bottom of the screen.


5. Set the new password as required and don't forget to click "Update Profile" before closing this page


3. Via phpMyAdmin in cPanel

To proceed with this option, you will need access to your cpanel. See out article on how to do that here

1. Access your cPanel account.

2. Within the Databases area select phpMyAdmin.


3. You will see the current Databases in the top left. Select to one currently used for your Wordpress installation.

4. Find wp_users and click on the Table Name.


6. Find your username under the user_login column and click the Edit pencil icon to the left of it.

7. Select and delete the string of numbers and letters in the user_pass row and under the column labeled Value. Enter your new password in this field.

8. Click the dropdown menu under the column labeled Functions and select MD5 from the menu.

mceclip4.pnghow to change password in wordpress: MD5 dripdown in phpMyAdmin

9.  Click the mceclip6.png button when your done

With the new password you will be able to access your account via [domain].[name]/wp-admin again


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