Why can't I log in to my Only Domains user account?

If you are able to reach our log-in page but you can't log in there are several common causes you can check for:

Incorrect username

  • The username you log-in with is the one you picked when signing up with us; this is not necessarily your email address.
  • Usernames are case-sensitive so you might have the right username but not be capitalizing one or more letters where you should.
  • Make sure you don't have any leading or trailing whitespace when you enter your username
  • If you aren't sure of your username you can request your username here using your account email address: http://www.onlydomains.com/account/forgotUsername
  • If you aren't sure of the email address you linked to your account (and/or aren't receiving the username confirmation emails on the one you thought) please contact us for assistance

Incorrect password:

  • Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Make sure you don't have any leading or trailing whitespace when you enter your password.
  • If you aren't sure of your password you can request a password reset link here using your username: http://www.onlydomains.com/account/forgotPassword
  • If you aren't receiving the password reset email at the email address for your account please allow the possibility that you have set a different email address to the account than the one you are monitoring; please check any records you have to verify where we have sent you notifications in the past. Then, if you have covered all bases but still can't get your password reset email please contact us for assistance.
  • If you have received the password reset email, but aren't receiving or are receiving an incorrect One Time Token, please also contact us, so we can assist you further.

If you can log in but can't see the domain(s) you are looking for please check the FAQ entry 'Why can't I see my domains in my account?'

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