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Why are email with attachments not working?

Email attachments are required when you need to share files like images, videos, PDFs and other such files. You can attach these files in your email by clicking on the attachment button and selecting the files you wish to share.


You might face some issues while sharing attachments in certain situations; this can be because of theses two reasons:

1. File extension not supported

One of the most common ways of transmitting computer viruses is through file attachments. To protect you against potential viruses and harmful software, Business Mail doesn't allow you to attach certain types of files, including(but not limited to):

ade | adp | apk | bat | chm | cmd | com | cpl | dll | dmg | exe | hta | ins | isp | jar | js | jse | lib | lnk | mde | msc | msi | msp | mst | nsh | pif | scr | sct | shb | sys | vb | vbe | vbs | vxd | wsc | wsf | wsh | cab

2. File size exceeding the size limit

You can send up to 30 MB in attachments. If you have more than one attachment, then the sum total of their sizes should not exceed 30 MB.

If the attachments' size exceeds 30 MB, this error message may be displayed to you:



Any file without the following extension is allowed in Incoming mail:

  • ade, adp, apk, bat, chm, cmd, cpl, dll, dmg, exe, hta, ins, isp, jar, js, jse, lib, lnk, mde, msc, msi, msp, mst, nsh, pif, scr, sct, shb, sys, vb, vbe, vbs, vxd, wsc, wsf, wsh, cab, bat

Max Size of an attachment on an Incoming email: 30MB

Feel free to ask for help!

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