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Why am I not receiving emails?

There can be several reasons why you are unable to receive email. Here are a few situations you may encounter:

  1. Incorrect DNS 
  2. DNS propagation
  3. Email client settings
  4. Filters & forwarding
  5. Spam & junk folder
  6. Mail delay
  7. Bounce back

Incorrect DNS 

If you establish that you are not receiving any incoming email, please ensure that your domain's MX record points to Business Mail.

Email traffic can also be hindered by an unresponsive or incorrect DNS server. For this issue please ensure the correct name servers have been set and you allowed 24-48 hours for global propagation since making the latest changes. (Setting up Business Mail will change your MX, so please allow this time frame as well)

DNS Propagation 

Changing the nameserver, MX or A records can certainly affect the email services. It usually takes 24-28 hours for the DNS record update to take effect. If you've recently updated your DNS, sit back and relax for a couple of hours before resuming your work on Business Mail. 

Email client settings 

When setting up your email client (i.e., Outlook, Mac Mail and Thunderbird), make sure the incoming mail server settings and ports, as well as your username and password, are correct.

Check common third-party app's configuration steps in our FAQs for more info. 

We suggest running a quick test via webmail for incoming emails if you do not seem to receive it on a local email client.

Filters & forwarding

Filters are set for the purpose of organizing and separating emails into different folders based on specified criteria. As the email server forwards and stores each email based on the filter(s) applied, emails might automatically be moved into folders and not show up in your inbox. 

Check for rules and filters on webmail and your local mail client(s).


Check the Spam & Junk folder

Default email filters are applied on the server that sends legitimate emails to the primary inbox, while suspicious emails are sent to the junk or spam folder. An email can be labeled as spam for numerous reasons like misleading subject line, not including a physical address, the body of the email containing spam triggering words, so on and so forth.  

Mail delivery delay

Allow sufficient time to ensure there is no message delay from the sender's end.

Check for any bounce back email

It's wise to determine if the sender is receiving any bounce back email at their end. If so, see common email bounce backs for possible solutions.

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