ESMTP not accepting connections

There might be instances when you come across this error while you set up your contact form or SMTP Email service which says: ESMTP not accepting connections.

What to do in such a situation? No worries, we've got your back.


Why is SMTP failing?

The error you might come across would be as follows:

554 ESMTP not accepting connections

  • One possible reason why this error can occur is that some other SMTP client tried to make a connection to the Business Mail server at same time when you tried to make the connection
  • Other reason why you might face this error can be because the outbound server IP of your web hosting is blocked at Business Mail
    Where can you get the outbound server IP? You can get the outbound server IP from your web hosting provider.
Please note: you can simply reach out to us directly at once you have the outbound server IP address to have it checked at our end for blockages. This shall help with reducing the to & fro .

Why do we block IP?
Now the question might arise as to why would we block the same? The reason is to simply safeguard you from security hazards. Also please do note, the reasons for the IP block can be as follows:

  • There might have been multiple aggressive login failures from the IP in a short period of time resulting to the block, the reason for which is to simply prevent spam/abuse originating from that IP address and protect all of our customers. 
  • Along with this, please do understand that we always block the IP temporarily first and temporary blocks are automatically removed in sometime however if the activity repeats over a few times we then go ahead and block the responsible IP permanently.

Note : We do not make any exceptions as this is a security feature which ensures that no external brute force action can help external users to get into your Business email account and thus helps safeguard your account.


Notions to Service & Web Hosting Providers: 

As a Provider following actions are expected from your side:

  • Do not make any unauthenticated attempts to any SMTP providers
  • Do keep a regular check on spam/abuse originating from your IP address
  • Do keep a check on user behavior, which might be making too many frequent connections (for example: 200 connections in a time span of 1-2 minute's) to an SMTP provider
  • The blocks at Business Mail end could be very old as well and are only raised once some customer raises an issue, thus availability of logs to investigate what caused the block is limited. However if the provider requires, we may be able to get the timestamp window of last block (which can help provider to check things at their end) but only before we remove the block at our end. Once the block is removed at our end, we will not be able to provide last the timestamp for the last block either.
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