How to access Business Mail ?

Finding it difficult where to start? 

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You can access the emails directly using

Or using the Login To Webmail button within the My Business Mail area

That being said you can also use an email client to directly connect to your emails using the instructions found below

First you will need to enable your Business Mail on other apps

  • Log into Business Mail
  • Click on Settings (Screenshot_2022-11-21_at_5.53.05_PM.pngicon) > Enable Titan on other apps.
  • After completing our feature tour, simply click Enable Titan on other apps to grant permission for third-party email clients to access your emails.

Once this is completed you will be redirected to a support page where you can follow the steps to configure 3rd party email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Thunderbird for your emails or use the below instructions to configure your client: 


Mac Mail



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