Signing into your Admin Panel for the first time

To sign into your Business Email Admin Panel for the first time use the below steps


Step 1: Create your new Business Mail account from within your OnlyDomains portal.

Step 2: Go to and use the forgot password option

Step 3: Use your OnlyDomains account holder email address, which was used during the Business Email Accounts creation to request a password reset. *

Step 4: Check your email account for the password reset email and proceed with its instructions.

Step 5: Once the new password is set, you can access your Admin Panel via and assign User emails as Admins to have direct access via the webmail portal as shown HERE





* If this account holder email address is no longer accessible, or you just need to update it for another reason, please email us from the current account holder email address (as shown in your OnlyDomains Account Settings area) confirming the new email account that should be used.

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