How to change your password ?

Based on the access you have for the Business Mail order, you can reset password for a particular mailbox through the below two ways:

  • Reset password steps for non-admin users
  • Reset password steps via Email Control Panel

Reset password(non-admin users)

1) Navigate to Settings icon at top right corner and open up Preferences

2) Click on Change Password

3) Enter the current password and the new password in the respective fields

4) Click on the Change Password button. Once the password is changed, you can log in to your account with the new password


Reset password via Email Control Panel

Please ensure that the mailbox you are following these steps through is an Admin account on Business Mail

1) Login to Business Mail on your laptop/PC via the Admin account

2) Click on the Settings button(Gear icon) on the top right corner

3) From the drop-down options, click on Admin control panel

4) Under the Email accounts tab, hover your cursor over the email account to discover the Reset Password option

5) Type in the email address where you wish to receive the Reset Password link

6) Open up the link and enter the new password and click on Reset Password button

Done! Once you have performed the steps mentioned, you're all set!

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