Import emails to Business Mail

Recommended prerequisites to the actual import:

  1. Create/purchase a Business Mail account(s)
  2. If you are using your own Name servers change the DNS records to Business Mail settings
  3. Check the existing storage quota used at the remote source mailbox and see if it is lesser than the Business Mail mailbox available quota. You might need to upgrade your plan, Buy Additional storage, or delete unwanted emails at the remote source mailbox
  4. Find out the remote IMAP server hostname and keep the source email address and password handy

Once the prerequisites are met, we can proceed to the actual import process.

  • Go to the Import email data tab
  • Click on the Import a mailbox button
  • You need to enter the following details in the Remote IMAP details modal: 
  1. IMAP Host/IP Address (e.g.,
  2. IMAP Port (e.g., 993)
  3. Source Server requires SSL (e.g, Yes)
  4. Source email (your existing email address e.g., john@acme.corp)
  5. Source Email Password (your email password)
  6. Business Email (e.g., john@acme.corp)
  7. Alternate Email address to receive notifications
  • Once you enter the details, click on Begin Import

That's it! Your email import gets queued up and processed subsequently.

1. While the migration process is on, you can process more email accounts to the import queue

2. The tool shall import the newest(also the most relevant) email first followed by the older ones 


3. Spam & Trash folders (with their subfolders) won't be migrated, this is added to avoid importing unnecessary spam/trash emails. If these emails are important you can have these emails in some other genuine folder so that the same get imported

4. Our smart import tool picks up folders in the sequence: Inbox, Drafts, Sent and then all others 

5. Only domain admins can import email data into Business from Admin Control Panel


Hope this article was helpful to you and if you still need any further assistance with the setup, drop us an email at

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