Unable to view all the folders on Third Party Clients

You may have come across scenarios wherein the folders created on the Business Mail webmail do not sync or show up in the Business Mail Accounts configured on Third Party Clients like Thunderbird, Outlook etc.
This article shall walk you through the steps involved in subscribing to the IMAP folders once you have successfully configured the Business Mail Account on Third Party Clients. 

Please make sure that your email box is configured through IMAP, if not already configured then you can do the same by following the steps mentioned here for Thunderbird and here for Outlook.



1.  Get into the settings on your email client which is Thunderbird.


2.  Next, click on Server Settings.


3. Followed by that, click on Advanced


4. Under Advanced, there shall be a check box which might be checked, it would be for "Show only subscribed folders" please uncheck that and save the settings.


5. This shall solve the issue of showing all the folders on Thunderbird that are present on Business Mail.




1. Right Click on the Inbox Folder

2. Now Click on IMAP Folders...

3. Click on Query. You shall all the folders created on the webmail once you click on Query.

4. Select the folder one by one, once selected, click on Subscribe. Then click on Apply followed by OK to save the changes.

5. The folders that are subscribed shall start synching/ showing up on Outlook.

Below is a gif for your reference.


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